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We're always grateful for patches to Joomla's code. Indeed, bug reports with associated patches will get fixed far more quickly than those without patches. It is also important that you create a patch correctly, a patch that doesn't apply easily may be delayed until it is fixed and applies cleanly. If you are uncertain of how to do this, you can read about how to create a patch.

Patch style

  • Make sure your code matches our coding standards.
  • Submit patches in the format returned by the 'svn diff' command. An exception, is for code changes that are described more clearly in plain English than in code. Indentation is the most common example; it's hard to read patches when the only difference in code is that it's indented.
  • Attach patches to an artefact in the trackers, using the "attach file" button. Please don't put the patch in the artefact description or comment, unless it's a single line patch.
  • Name the patch file with a .diff extension
  • Put the prefix "[patch]" before the title of your artefact. This will make it obvious that the artefact includes a patch.
  • Learn more about patch files