Pizza Bugs and Fun March 3, 2012/Contributors List

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Thanks to everyone who participanted in the Joomla! Pizza, Bugs and Fun on March 3, 2012. Lots of people worldwide tested, coded/fixed and documented new features and issues in Joomla! 2.5, helping to improve the release. Some of the countries represented were the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Denmark, The Netherlands, Israel, the United States, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, South Africa, and India. It was great to see so many people come out to help. These are the statistics from the Joomla CMS Issue Tracker and Joomla CMS Feature Tracker for the period. Thanks must also go out to the people not on these charts including those who did documentation, those who tested but didn't have a login to the trackers and those giving support.

  • Andrea Tarr (Event organizer)
  • Mark Dexter
  • Elin Waring
  • Jean-Marie Simonet
  • Brian Teeman
  • Ofer Cohen
  • Saurabh Shah
  • Jean-Claude Richard
  • Adrien Baborier
  • Nicolas Claverie
  • Marc Studer
  • Eric Lamy
  • Benjamin Darmon
  • Laurent Claude
  • Jean-Paul Fabre
  • MIG Manickam
  • Mihaly Sarki
  • Yann Gomiero
  • Annick Aeschimann
  • Pierre Sempé
  • Serge Billon
  • Simon Grange
  • Stéphane Benoît
  • Franck Arroyo
  • Olivier Lafenêtre
  • Elisabeth Moore
  • Heidi Stancliff
  • Dianne Henning
  • Abby Kingman
  • Ajay Lulia
  • Michael Babker
  • Kendall Cabe
  • Dennis Kmetz
  • Linda Lafianza