Replacing the logo image in the Milky Way template

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Replacing the logo image in the Milkyway template

Since all templates have their own structure of css-Files, this chunk is special to the Milkyway template. Have a look below or at category:templates for other templates.

Upload your logo image

The new logo image should have the same size as the original joomla image. (You can get the image size by checking the image property from the browser page info menu item. this hint is applicable if, you are using firefox)

  1. login into administration area
  2. choose Media from the Site menu
  3. upload your image into the opening main directory for images
  4. the file name will be renamed to non capital letters
  5. Memorize the exact spelling of your logo file name on the server!

  1. login into administration area
  2. choose Templates from the Extensions menu within the top menu bar
  3. click rhuk_milkyway for editing the Milkyway template (it should have been marked with a star)
  4. click edit CSS within the top icon bar
  5. mark template.css and click edit (again in the top area)
  6. Now you should act careful and avoid unintended changes:
    1. search for line div#logo {
    2. change the defined url for background
      replace line
      background: url(../images/mw_joomla_logo.png) no-repeat;
      by a line like this
      background: url(../../../images/your_logo.png) no-repeat;
      mind the different numbers of directory levels, each marked by ../
      remember the exact file name of your logo

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This chunk should cover the process for the benefit of someone without prior experience of Joomla! or PHP, HTML, CSS. It should suggest a suitable tool to use to create a new image and should show a step-by-step procedure, with annotated screenshots, of a new image being created using an open source image editor such as The Gimp. It should then show, again with annotated screenshots, the process of uploading the new image to the correct location within Joomla!