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Reason: Joomla moved to Matermost

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RingCentral's Glip was the official communications tool used by Joomla until the move to Mattermost.

Glip is available as an online app, as well as desktop versions and mobile apps.

You may often hear or see it referred to as Glip, which is the original name of RingCentral's initial chat product.

Getting Started[edit]

Create an account[edit]

  • Visit RingCentral via the Get Started link below.
  • Sign up for an account (or log in if you've previously joined the Joomla Glip)
  • Once you have set up your RingCentral account, email Secretary@opensourcematters.org with which email address you're using for your RingCentral account, and the Secretary will add you to the Joomla RingCentral Workspace.
  • Join some teams you're interested in.
  • Participate in the conversation

Get started setting up your RingCentral account.

Joining a Team[edit]

What you might call Groups or Channels on other communication tools are called "Teams" on RingCentral.

When you log into RingCentral, you can use the Search at the top of the window to search for Public Teams.

To add other teams, or view the available list of teams, on the side bar in RingCentral click on the Contacts icon. You can then browse users to start direct message conversations, or look through the list of teams to join the ones that you want to participate in.

RingCentral also has a private teams feature. These are used in Joomla to create Official Team groups. When you are onboarded onto a Joomla Official Team, let your team leader know you're on Glip and they'll then add you to the official team channel.