Sample Data Specifications for 1.6

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Sample Data: Outline of Structure


  • To introduce users to Joomla and the Joomla community
  • To provide an introduction to Joomla features
  • To provide useful information for upgrading users
  • To provide a basis for testing and troubleshooting


  • New users with no prior experience/probably one click installs
  • Experienced web developers using or testing Joomla! for the first time
  • 1.5 or 1.0 users moving into 1.6
  • People wanting a fresh installation for trouble shooting or template design

Menu Structure Top menu&

  • User types -(Content page for each)
  • Beginners
  • Upgraders
  • Experienced web masters or designers

(submenus for each?)

Main Menu, overall navigation, show on all pages

  • Home (should use only global parameters )(possibly use featured content, now that it isn't front page it should be less confusing)
  • About Joomla
  • FAQ  (nested category structure)
  • Links (to and selected sites)
  • Feeds
  • Using Joomla
    • The front end   For site visitors  For content creators and managers
    • The administrator    Global configuration, what you need to know   
    • Layouts
    • Security
    • Performance
    • Help system and documentation
    • ACL
    • Parameters    Global Parameters    Menu Parameters    Item parameters
    • Trouble shooting and getting help
    • Learn More
  • Extensions 
    • Components

Content page describing what a component is

      • Submenu:Each Core Component description page    
        • Submenu:     

     Each core view

      • Extending the core,
      • adding new components
    • Modules: Content page describing what modules are and how to place them on a page
      • Submenu:      Each module (show on a content page using loadposition. Describe the function of the module.)     
      • The Module Manager     
      • Extending the core, adding new modules 
    • Templates       Content page on what a template is       
      • Submenu:        Each template showing front page         
      • Description of each template (e.g. Template parameters, something special)
      • Typography for each template       
      • The Template Manager (changing the default etc)         ***Extending the core, adding new templates or modifying core templates creating your own templates
    • Languages        Content Page about languages with links to language pack source            ***submenu:
      • The Language Manager
      • Extending the core,
      • adding new languages,
      • modifying core language files
      • Extending the core, creating a new translation
    • Plugins

Content Page about plugins      

      • Submenu: (each page should have a brief description, list of core plugins in that category and state whether they are on or off by default)

Content plugins {show examples of how to use in content)

      • System Plugins       
      • Editor Plugins       
      • Extended Editor Plugins       
      • User plugins       
      • Authentication Plugins       
      • The Plugin Manager        
      • Extending the core, adding new plugins
  • User menu:
    • Your details
    • submit content
    • submit weblink
    • Administrator


Main menu, top menu--all pages
login home page and a few others
Others as needed plus the display in the modules part of the menus

Content Pages:

What can you do with Joomla?
A framework and a CMSlanding 
page for each group of users
Joomla Community
Free Software