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How to access[edit]

Go to the Menu Manager by clicking on the Menu Manager icon in the Control Panel, or by clicking on 'Menu Manager' in the 'Menus' menu. After that select a menu and click on the 'Copy' button in the toolbar.


In the Menu Manager: You can copy a menu with its menu items.



Column Headers[edit]

  • New Menu Title. Fill in the menu title for the new menu.
  • New Module Title. Fill in the module title for the new module, which will be created when you copy a menu.
  • Menu being Copied. The menu being copied is displayed here.
  • Menu Item(s) being Copied. The menu items from the menu being copied are displayed here.


At the top right you will see the toolbar:


The functions are:

  • Copy. Select one or more items and click this button to copy them. A new screen will display showing the possible "Copy to" locations on the left and the list of item(s) being copied on the right. To complete the copy, select the desired "Copy to" location and press the Copy button. To cancel the operation, press Cancel.
  • Cancel. Go back to the main screen of the Manager, without saving the modifications you made.
  • Help. Opens this Help Screen.

Quick Tips[edit]

  • All menu items from the menu being copied are listed, so you can see what you are actually copying.

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