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The Search Working Group is the Production Working Group responsible for the design and development of search in all its forms in Joomla.

Now that Finder has been integrated into Joomla 2.5 in the form of Smart Search, the time has come to look forward to Joomla 3.x and how we want search to work in that series. Having gained considerable experience of implementing an advanced search capability the Search Working Group will look at embedding search as a core API in the Joomla Platform and exploiting that API to deliver an improved search in future versions of the CMS.

Coordinators & PLT Contact[edit]


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Technical work produced by this group[edit]


Primary communications channel is the Joomla CMS Development mailing list. If the volume of traffic becomes such that it might be deemed to be a nuisance by those not interested in search, then we will most likely start a separate mailing list.


The current plan is to focus on fixing outstanding issues for the 2.5.x series (and carrying those fixes forward into the 3.x branch as required). In parallel with that we should start to look at more extensive changes to be researched, coded and tested during the 3.x cycle for possible inclusion in Joomla 4.0.


  • 19 May 2012: Meeting at J and Beyond 2012, Germany.
  • 17 November 2012: Meeting at Joomla World Conference, San Jose, California. This meeting was cancelled due to lack of interest and a scheduling conflict with the UCM group!
  • 10 November 2013: Meeting during Joomla World Conference, Boston, Massachusetts.