Setting up your workstation for Joomla! development

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This article provides detailed instructions for setting up your workstation for Joomla! development with Apache, PHP, xdebug, Git. Please refer to the following links for other development tools and environments: Setting up your workstation for Joomla development

The article more specifically let's you contribute to the official Joomla! Github code repository.

Install & configure XAMPP, php, Eclipse

  1. Configuring a XAMPP server for joomla development
  2. Edit PHP.INI File for XDebug
  3. Configuring Eclipse for joomla development

Check Out and modify Joomla! Source Code

Now we are going to create a new PHP project that will contain all of the source code files for Joomla!. We can import the source code and create our PHP project at the same time.

To do so, please see Working with git and github/My first pull request

Working With Git and Github

The CMS project uses the Git version control system and the CMS repository is stored on Github here: Bugs are fixed in the master branch of this repository, and normally there are bug fixes and changes in the master branch that are more recent than the latest released Joomla version. For this reason, when we test and code bug fixes, we normally use the latest code from the master branch on Github, not the latest released version. Therefore, Bug Squad testers and coders need to understand how to use Git and the Github repository.

For testing and tracking changes, please refer to Git for Testers and Trackers. For coding changes, please see Git for Coders.