Setting up your workstation for Joomla development

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This page is centered around developing on and with Joomla. If you find yourself stuck following any of these tutorials, please visit our Installation forums for more information.

Installing a Web Server[edit]

Installing a typical web server environment is easy with AMP packages (Apache, MySQL, PHP).

If you want use XDebug for debugging, you'll need to tune the PHP settings

Installing an IDE/Editor (and Debugging)[edit]

Debugging Specifics[edit]

Using Git[edit]

The CMS project uses the Git version control system and the CMS repository is stored on GitHub. Bugs are fixed in the master branch of this repository, and normally there are bug fixes and changes in the master branch that are more recent than the latest released Joomla version. For this reason, when we test and code bug fixes, we normally use the latest code from the master branch on GitHub, not the latest released version. Therefore, Bug Squad testers and coders need to understand how to use Git and the GitHub repository.


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