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This page serves to document the Joomla's social media presence, to explain its content policies and strategies to the Joomla! community, and to collect and share information about the management of Joomla's accounts on the various social media channels.

Official way to contact the Joomla! Social Media Team[edit]

To contact the Joomla! Social Media Team please use the “Contact the Social Media Team” on Glip. If you would like to share something from official project's social media channel, or if you have any questions, simply comment in that group and we will answer you as soon as possible. If accepted we may edit and add tags etc as needed then share it. Please feel free to suggest appropriate copy and tags for the post topic.

We created an official repository on GitHub to contact the Joomla! Social Media Team. If you would like to share something from official project's social media channel, or if you have any question, simply open an issue in the repo and we will answer you as soon as possible. We will revise the content and if we accept it, we will share it.


With the adaptation of the use of HootSuite, all of our Social Media Team members (SMT) have access to post on all of our platforms. While each platform has a team member/s specifically monitoring them, we have been utilizing the time and work savings of HootSuite to be able to schedule regular news posts. This responsibility is shared with all of the team rather than each post taking time from everyone.

Remember social media happens every day and our hard working team do their best to keep on top of things while also taking care of their own work and lives. If you see something to be shared or not right, drop a friendly note or tag us. We’re dancing as fast as we can.

Help Us Help YOU![edit]

  1. Help us see your Joomla content by tagging Joomla
  2. If you have a special event happening contact us and be sure to take photos of your event and supply text of what you want covered (you know your message best). This will allow us to post about your event on our channels.
  3. Have a group of posts you want to schedule for your team? Contact Alison and learn how to make it happen. We can set you up with our template to do your graphics.
  4. Did I mention TAG JOOMLA! We want to share your Joomla events out on our channels to show the world all the great things going on within the Joomla community.

The Joomla Social Media Team[edit]

The Joomla Social Media Team consists of:

  1. Hans van der Meer - Team Lead
  2. Alison Meeks - Assistant Team Lead
  3. Sandra Decoux
  4. Giovanni Genovino

Graphics for the Joomla posts if not included within the attached article or supplied by the team requesting the posts, are done by Sandra Decoux and Alison Meeks with the image support of our partner 123RF. Graphics for social are done both in horizontal format as recommended by FB/Tw/LinkedIn but also square for Instagram. Shout out thanks to the video team of Sandra and Brian Teeman who have been creating various videos for various special events for use on our social platforms.

Guiding Principles[edit]

  1. We promote the features and benefits of Joomla! to a worldwide audience of enthusiasts.
  2. The SMT schedule regular posts via HootSuite and as well use it for news posts. Some days there is more news than others. We try to balance it out rather than flooding feeds.
  3. We strictly avoid controversial links, particularly those which involve Joomla! governance or community politics.
  4. Absolute priority is given to Joomla! Releases. Especially in the event of a security or new version release.
  5. We normally avoid mention of products or services developed by companies in the Joomla! Community that are not direct partners or sponsors.
  6. We do highlight events and teams in the community. Some of those are Certification, Showcase, JED, Open Source Friday’s, and volunteers.
  7. We coordinate our work with Joomla's release schedule and the marketing and communications needs of the project as a whole.

Moderation Guidelines[edit]

  1. The Joomla! Volunteer Code of Conduct fully applies to the Joomla! Community gathered on Social Media. Users must conform their behaviour accordingly. At no time will any of our team tolerate harassment or attacks.
  2. Links should posted with the best pictures and images pulled via metadata, if any. Click-through metrics are significantly higher for posts which contain an image.
  3. We direct Social Media participants to ask support questions about Joomla! at the Joomla! Forum or other Joomla support groups located around the web. The official Joomla support is the forum and we always provide a link to it. We do not provide support via any social platforms.


Main Admin[edit]

The official Joomla Facebook page is monitored by Alison Meeks with backup support from the rest of the team. Alison is also a member of several Joomla groups on Facebook and shares key posts to them such as updates/security patches etc. The Facebook JoomlaNoSpam Group is not an official Joomla property. Alison is an administrator in this group also. Rules for the NoSpam group are posted within the group. Hans is also in the group but isn't an admin.


Main Admin[edit]

The official Joomla Twitter account is monitored by Hans van der Meer with backup support from the rest of the team.

List of Joomla Twitter channels[edit]

The"official" accounts[edit]

  • Twitter: @joomla - This account is for all kinds Joomla news and content. It is the go to Joomla Twitter account.

Note: Note: As far as possible, the main account follows current board members, team leaders and their assistants, former OSM presidents, JUGs, JoomlaDays, some major active contributors, and some accounts related to the Web.

Twitter Accounts run by the Production or Marketing Departments:

There are lists of accounts related to Joomla too

Twitter Accounts run by other parts of the Joomla Project[edit]

Do you know more? We want to get in contact with you to join forces! Join the chat!


The official Joomla LinkedIn account is monitored by Hans van der Meer with backup support from the rest of the team.


The official YouTube account is updated by Sandra Decoux and Alison Meeks.


The official Joomla Instagram account is run and monitored by Sandra Decoux with backup by the team. Due to Instagram’s unique operation Sandra manages it and does the scheduled posts per her experience with the platform.


The official Joomla Pinterest account is monitored by Giovanni Genovino with backup by the team.


A Joomla MeWe group account has been created by Alison Meeks to secure the name. Pages there are paid as they don’t do an “ads based” income program but the groups are free. If there gets to a point where there is enough interest we can approach the board for financial approval.

Want to Join the Social Media Team?[edit]

If you have the desire and are willing to commit the time we would love to have you join us on the Social Media Team. You can view available positions here: