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1.6.4 Installer Deleted My Files to Category/nl
Category/pt-br to Developers/Joomla Development contribution
Developers/Localisation to Extension Installer/Triggers/onAfterExtensionInstall
Extension Installer/Triggers/onAfterExtensionUninstall to How do you find a Joomla! extension?
How do you get rid of the News Flash or other modules? to JToolBarHelper/title
JToolBarHelper/trash to Joomla info page/nl-NL
Joomla info page/pl-PL to Override:Blog Titles Linkable Article Titles Not
Override:No Numbers in Category List to Screen.menumanager.copy.15 to Testing Team
Testing team to What version of Joomla! should you use?/ru
What’s next after Joomla 3.0? to Xml-rpc changes in Joomla! 2.5