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How To Access[edit]

To create a new Submit a Web Link Menu Item:

  • Select Menus  [name of the menu] from the drop-down menu on the back-end of your Joomla! installation (for example, Menus  Main Menu).
  • Click the New Toolbar button to create a new menu item.
  • Click the Menu Item Type Select button Help-4x-Menu-Item-Type-Select-Button-en.png and then click the Submit a Web Link Menu Item link under Weblinks link.

To edit an existing Submit a Web Link Menu Item, click its Title in Menu Manager: Menu Items.


Used to show a Web Link submission form in Front End (website) allowing users with permission to submit Web Links.




Details Tab[edit]

For more information please see Menu Item Manager: Details Tab

Required Settings[edit]

  • Menu Title: The title that will display for this menu item.
  • Menu Item Type. The Menu Item Type selected when this menu item was created. This can be one of the core menu item types or a menu item type provided by an installed extension.
  • Menu. Shows which menu the link will appear in.

Advanced Details Tab[edit]

Common Options[edit]

See Menu Item Manager: Edit/New Menu Item for help on fields common to all Menu Item types, under the Advanced Details Tab which includes:

Module Assignments Tab[edit]

See Menu Item Manager: New Menu Item for help on fields in Module Assignments for this Menu Item.


At the top left you will see the toolbar:


The functions are:

  • Save. Saves the item and stays in the current screen.
  • Save & Close. Saves the item and closes the current screen.
  • Save & New. Saves the item and keeps the editing screen open and ready to create another item.
  • Save as Copy. Saves your changes to a copy of the current item. Does not affect the current item. This toolbar icon is not shown if you are creating a new item.
  • Cancel. Closes the current screen and returns to the previous screen without saving any modifications you may have made.
  • Help. Opens this help screen.

Front End Screenshot[edit]

Example Front End Site images are generic images using Joomla! core installation supplied free Front End Templates. The actual view can depend on the installed custom template used and the template's style for those views on a Joomla! website.


Form Fields[edit]

The following are available form fields when submitting a Web Link on the Front End. Title, Category and URL are required fields.

  • Title. The name of the item. For a Menu Item, the Title will display in the Menu. For an Article or Category, the Title may optionally be displayed on the web page. This entry is required. You can open the item for editing by clicking on the Title.
  • Alias. The internal name of the item. Normally, you can leave this blank and Joomla will fill in a default value Title in lower case and with dashes instead of spaces. Learn more.
  • Category. The Category this item belongs to.
  • URL. Field to enter a URL (web page address.
  • Tags. Enter one or more optional tags for this item. You can select existing tags by entering in the first few letters. You may also create new tags by entering them here. Tags allow you to see lists of related items across content types (for example, articles, contacts, and categories).
  • Status. The published status of the item. *Note: Trashed is not an available option because the Web Link does not exist yet. The only options are Published or Unpublished when submitting a new Web Link.
  • Language. Item language.
  • Description. The description for the item. Category, Subcategory and Web Link descriptions may be shown on web pages, depending on the parameter settings. These descriptions are entered using the same editor that is used for Articles.
  • For use of the Toggle editor button, see Editor Buttons.

Quick Tips[edit]

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