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An Introduction to Schema.org

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≥ 5.0

What is Schema.org - Rich Snippets?[edit]

Adding Rich Snippets / structured data is a way of adding contextual information to your website and its contents, allowing search engines to better understand the information you provide them with.

Rich Snippets / structured data allows search engines to understand the meaning of the information presented on your website, which allows it to better answer more verbose 'natural language' queries where an understanding of the meaning helps to interpret the most relevant content to be displayed.

Structured data is a standardised format for organising and representing information on the web. It provides a way to describe the content and meaning of data in a structured manner, making it easier for search engines and other applications to understand and process the information. More information on schema.org.

Schema.org System Plugins

The Feature[edit]

For Joomla 5, this feature enables website owners to create structured area using core Joomla without the need for third-party extensions or complex coding. This feature was created through the Google Summer of Code 2022 (GSoc) program.

To get started, activate the plugin by going to System > Plugins and enabling System - Schema.org.

Schema.org Plugin Settings

Edit Plugin Settings[edit]

  • Base Type: Choose whether your website represents an organization or a single person. Select Organization or Person
  • Name: Enter the name of the organization or person the website represents
  • Image: Add your company or personal image
  • Social Media Accounts: Add your company or personal social media accounts. Click the Green button plus sign to add rows.

Then click Save and Close.

How it works?[edit]

The snippets are generated using structured data markup based on schemas such as JSON-LD. Each schema type is implemented as a separate plugin. This allows for a more modular and extensible architecture. Each plugin is responsible for generating the schema markup for a specific type of content, which allows for more flexibility and customization options for you. This makes it easier for third-party developers to contribute to the development of Joomla's structured data capabilities.

Enable the plugins in Joomla, navigate to the Schema tab in the Article editor and fill-in the information.

Available Plugins[edit]

Plugin Description
Article Plugin (5.1) The starting point for using schema.org
Blogposting Plugin For Blog post content
Book Plugin For Book content
Event Plugin For Event content
Organization Plugin For Organization content
Person Plugin For Person content
Recipe Plugin For Recipe content
JobPosting Plugin For Job Posting content
Create your own Plugin To extend the content types for schema.org