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Producing world class Open Source software takes a lot of active support from community members and partnering businesses. The Joomla! Project would like to thank those individuals and businesses who have given back so much to the project. If you or your business is interested in sponsoring Joomla, please send an email to

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Founded in early 2000, Rochen has focused on providing extremely reliable web hosting solutions for over half a decade. Rochen is not only the hosting partner for the official Joomla Web site, but they were also nominated alongside Joomla as a finalist in the category of Best Linux/Open Source ISP/Internet Host at the LinuxWorld Expo Awards held in London, UK in October 2005. As well as hosting thousands of websites powered by Joomla Rochen also offer a complete range of web hosting services from shared and reseller hosting plans all the way up to fully managed dedicated servers and clusters.

Rochen and their team have been instrumental in getting the Open Source Matters (OSM) and Joomla websites off the ground, providing us with the managed cluster of servers that we now use. To find out more about Rochen and the web hosting services they offer please visit:

PSW Group[edit]

The PSW GROUP ( is one of Germany’s leading full-service providers for internet solutions for more than ten years with focus on internet security. Based in Fulda the company offers its customers complete service and strives for utmost customer satisfaction in its actions. This can be best seen in its well-balanced portfolio of services.

The PSW GROUP offers certificate, encryption, authentication and signature solutions for web and e-mail communications as well as trust seals and customer evaluation systems. The comprehensive product portfolio includes SSL and code signing certificate solutions for each customer need, as well as enterprise public key infrastructures. Furthermore, the PSW GROUP offers qualified electronic signatures for the legally valid sending of tax-related documents. Its product range also includes PCI scanning, an analysis process that checks websites for weaknesses and security lapses, in order to meet the high security standards of the payment card industry. The Secure Content Delivery Network (Secure CDN) product guarantees online shops and similar sites fast and secure content delivery via HTTPS.

In addition to a wide range of products, professional expertise, both in the fields of host and domain services, as well as in IT security and IT law, are available to the PSW GROUP’s customers.


JetBrains is the world's leading vendor of smart developer tools including the lightweight PHP IDE, PhpStorm.

Lots of people involved in making Joomla! better use PHPStorm as their favourite source code editor.

JetBrains has kindly granted a PHPStorm open source license for development related to the Joomla! project.

Software Freedom Law Center (SFLC)[edit]

The Software Freedom Law Center provides legal representation and other law related services to protect and advance Free and Open Source Software. They have been instrumental in providing legal guidance as the Joomla project grows and advances.