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Brand Identity Elements

This is a multiple article series on the basic guidelines for the correct usage of the graphic elements of Joomla’s identity, in order to create high quality, visually stunning communication materials.

Begin with the Introduction, and navigate the articles in this series by using the navigation button at the bottom or the box to the right (Articles in this series).

The relationship (size, positioning, colours, etc.) of the brand identity elements should never be altered in any way.

Background Usage

Full-colour signature: background colours[edit]

The Joomla! signature can be reproduced on four recommended background colours. Always try to choose a background colour that matches the brand colours.


Single-colour signature: background colours[edit]

We have defined a core set of colours for you to start with. Be creative! Always try to choose a background colour that matches the brand colours and your communication.


Signature usage on a background image[edit]

When using background images, always make sure that the signature is in a prominent position and that it is always recognisable and visible.

  • Choosing the image: Make sure to choose an image which is not too busy and does not have a large area of contrast.
  • Colours: Choose images that have warm, bright colours. No washed-out tones. Backgrounds can be sharp or blurry.
  • Tone: The tone should be friendly, inspiring, confident, down-to-earth, and professional, but cosy.
  • Placing the logo on a background: Place the logo in an area where it is clearly visible. Pick the version of the logo that best matches the background colours.
  • Overcoming a busy background: You may have a beautiful image but no ideal space for the Joomla! signature. Use a colourful background or transparent layers that allow the signature to be clearly visible.
  • Typography: Please use only the recommended typography for all our communications. Position text in a way that it is visible and visually balances the image.

Incorrect usage of background colours[edit]

Here are some examples of incorrect backgrounds for the signature:

  • Do not use the signature on a background colour that makes the signature, or any part of it, hard to see or read.X-mark.png


  • Do not use the signature on a busy photograph or patterned background.X-mark.png


  • Do not add any outlines, strokes, glows or dropshadows to the signature in order to improve visibility on non-approved backgrounds.X-mark.png