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Pizza, Bugs and Fun is an event where Joomla enthusiasts gather to improve Joomla. This is not only for improving the code of Joomla but also the documentation and translation. It is an event for everybody to come, have fun and meet fellow Joomlers.

The idea behind organizing more Pizza, Bugs & Fun events is to achieve these goals:

  • Reduce the number of open issues
  • Get Joomla more tested on different environments
  • Get more people interested in testing issues at home
  • Meet fellow Joomlers
  • Have fun


Are you interested in organizing a Pizza, Bugs and Fun event? Great, let us help you.

Issues to think about:

  • Venue
    • Provide date, time, location and directions to the venue
    • Thank the venue for hosting the event
  • Infrastructure
    • Internet access
      Check if the WIFI connects
    • Powerplugs
    • Beamer
    • Whiteboard
    • Post-Its
      A day before the event make a list of current issues and estimate the level of difficulty. On the day of the event write the issue number and level of difficulty on the Post-Its, one issue per Post-It. Divide the wall in 3 sections:
      • Available
      • Doing
      • Done
      Hang the Post-Its on a wall grouped by difficulty in the Available section. Someone can choose an issue to work on and move the Post-It to the Doing section and when done move it to the Done section. It will be great to see how things move along. Don't forget, every patch needs 2 successful tests to be accepted.
    • Have software available on USB sticks for those who have not yet setup their system
  • Prizes
    If possible provide some prizes this will make the Joomlers more excited
  • Food and Drinks
    • Lunch
    • Dinner
    The event is named after pizza but this can be other food as well of course
  • Finances
    Keep track of your finances, this will be helpful for any following events.
  • Social media
    Announce your event on social media
  • Comitter
    Try to arrange one or more people with commit rights to get the tested issues committed into the Joomla repository during the event. It is rewarding for people to see their tested issues get included right away.
  • Documentation
    Get in contact with the people of the documentation team if you plan to get people to work on the documentation. They can help you get started on that.

Talk to Roland Dalmulder if you need help


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