Removing a link from an Article

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The Primary Method[edit]

A link (or hyperlink) can be removed from an Article as follows:

  1. Open the Article for editing.
    1. Select the Administrator → Content → Article menu item to go to the Article Manager.
    2. Select the Article and click the Edit toolbar button.
  2. Locate and carefully select by highlighting only the link you wish to remove.
  3. Select the Unlink editor toolbar button. The link will be removed.

An Alternate Method[edit]

Remove the link by manually editing the HTML directly (once you are in the article editor mode).

  1. Select the Toggle Editor button (or the Code tab).
  2. Identify the <a href=...> tag that begins the link, and the </a> tag that ends the link.
  3. Remove the opening link element <a href=...> from the opening corner bracket (<) to the closing bracket (>).
  4. Leave the text that was linked in place.
  5. Remove the ending link element (</a>).
  6. Select Save.
  7. Select Toggle Editor.
  8. Confirm that the text is no longer linked.