Allowing only manual user registration

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If you want to allow certain (authorised) users to be able to log in to the Frontend, but not allow regular site visitors to be able to register themselves:

  1. Disable user registration by changing the Allow User Registration field in Global Configuration to No. To learn how to do this see Changing User Registration Settings.
  2. Set up a Login Form somewhere on your website. There are two ways this can be done:
    1. The Login Form is a module assigned to a template position. The exact location where the Login Form will appear will depend on the Template being used. Typically it will be in a column to the left or the right of the main content. It is possible to assign the Login Form module to appear on one or more pages of your website. To learn how to do this see Customising the Login Form Module.
    2. The Login Form is associated with a Menu Item. When clicked, the Login Form appears where the content would normally be. To learn how to do this see Creating a Login Form Menu Item.