Listing a user on a contacts page

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Adding Contacts to the Contact Page[edit]

Adding users to the Joomla contact page is not hard at all.

First log in to your Administration (Backend). Go to Components  Contacts  Categories

By default, Joomla shows a category called contacts. This can be updated, used, or you can create your own category.

To create a new category, click on the New button. An editing page will open. Name the category in the title field. The alias field is the computer programming name which should not include any spaces. The alias will not show to the user, only the title. Click Yes on the published field. Add an image, align it right or left, and even add a description which will only show up for Backend users. Click Save and you have created a category for your new users.

Create a New User[edit]

Go back to your main category page, and you will be able to choose from category or contact. Since you have already added your category, you will now choose contact. There is a default contact there already, with the name of name. It is easy to just update this item, by clicking on it, and updating the information that is already set. For purposes of this tutorial, we are going to create a new contact from scratch.

Click on New. This will open an editing window where you can add the contact name, alias for the computer, and the rest of the left side of the window is your custom information.

On the right side of the window we see several parameters. Under contact parameters, fill out the address, and other contact information. At the end you will see an option for vCard. This is a handy digital business card that will allow visitors to download a preformatted vCard of the contact. You can find out more about vCards at Wikipedia.

Under advanced parameters, choose from different icons. If you want custom icons, add them into the media folder under icons. They will be available here to insert into your contact.

Under Email Parameters, edit the contact form that will be on the contact page for the visitor to use to contact you. You can choose from the subject that comes to you. Also you can choose from banned words, subjects, and so on that are sent to you.

With a little effort, the contact capabilities in Joomla can accomplish a lot.