Standard feature layouts 1.6

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Common features should be organized consistently across different parts of the application. Some layouts will have additional element and these should be ordered in a fixed area within each of these.

Ordering of Toolbars[edit]

Toolbars for forms, from left to right in left to right languages.

  • Apply (save without closing)
  • Save & Close
  • Save as Copy
  • Save & New
  • Close/Cancel (Cancel only for new items)
  • Help

Toolbars for grids

  • New
  • Edit
  • Separator
  • Publish
  • Unpublish
  • Separator
  • Remove
  • Archive
  • Trash/Delete (Delete only when trash state is selected)
  • Separator
  • Defaults (Preferences)
  • Separator
  • Help

Parameter Groupings[edit]

Left pane, top to bottom

  • Title
  • Alias
  • State
  • Access
  • Text

Right pane, top to bottom

  • Required
  • Basic Options
  • Integration
  • Access Rules
  • Meta Data

All required elements must have required="true" in the corresponding xml.

Grid Headers[edit]


  • Text Field
  • Search
  • Clear
  • Select Access
  • Select State
  • Select Category

Right to left

  • Check Box
  • Title
  • State
  • Ordering
  • Access
  • ID


  • Defaults should always be "Use Global" or "" (i.e. empty string).

Language Strings[edit]

  • Strings in text should be in all uppercase (no spaces, separate words with underscores for readability)
  • Put the most general string possible and allow for overrides. Put the string in the most general place possible to encourage consistency and reuse.
For example JTOOLBAR_XXX should always be put into the en.mod_toolbar.ini so that there is consistent usage throughout. 
This is important even if the toolbar item only exists once, since third party developers may need to use it.