Summer of Code 2006 project summary

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In we received 90 project proposals for the Google Summer of Code program (SoC). The team of mentors selected 8 projects for mentoring. Out of these 8 projects Google allocated the first 6. Google were providing a stipend of 5,000 USD to each student developer, of which 4,500 USD goes to the student and 500 USD goes to Joomla! Project.

The two students that haven't been allocated by Google have been given the opportunity to work on their project and be treated in the same way as the other 6 funded projects; the only difference in the approach was that they were not paid. Beside the funding challenge all projects received the same press coverage and have the challenge to get their work into the new featured releases of Joomla!

The summer of code projects are targeted almost fully towards the next major release; Joomla! 2.0. To facilitate and manage this effort we have setup a separate team and project structure. Community developers with specialized expertise in the different accepted projects have been asked to mentor the students. The overall project and team management was in the hands of Wilco Jansen and Louis Landry was acting as Wilco's "buddy" filling in and providing technical and project related feedback when needed. Johan as founding father of the SOC event also provided with valuable support on the background.

Original project structure, as published on the main development section of Joomla!, is presented below:


When SoC started we had a total of 18 project participant (8 students, 10 mentors). Only one project changed his mentor during the project (Louis Landry was assigned as mentor on the Joomla! Cross Database Support and Node Based Scheme (JNBS) replacing Lee Cher Young).

After initial project proposal the project were scored by the mentor team, giving the following results:

  • Java XML-RPC application (JEXPLORER) by Laurens Vandeput.
  • Joomla/AJAX Integration (JAJAX) by Blagovest Dachev
  • Package Management System for Joomla (JPACKAGE) by Joshua Neil Thomson
  • User & Access Management (JACL) by Hannes Pappenberg
  • Joomla! Cross Database Support and Node Based Schema (JNBS) by Aaron Stone
  • Joomla Accessibility: Updating for WCAG 2.0 Guidelines (WCAG) by Pieter Thiessen.

Not all projects have finished, not even all projects were started.