Automated Tests Working Group

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This is the home page of the Automated Test Working Group, that is the result of combining the old System Testing Working Group and the Unit Testing Working Group.

Team Members

See the full list at:


  • to improve the Quality of Joomla CMS software
  • to create learning material about "how to test" for the Joomla Community


The next steps in this team are:

GSoC 2014

Sauce Labs integration

  • Test SauceLabs and Travis integration with the repo at GitHub: It will require the use of Paratest, to run several tests at the same time, otherwise it will take too long (more than 8 hours just the /Adminitrator/ tests)

Improvements in current tests


We have Travis complaining about this:

I'm sorry but your test run exceeded 50.0 minutes. 
One possible solution is to split up your test run.

We need to find a solution, for example:

Test Joomla extension

The goal of this project is to test com_localise extension to create a proof of concept and documentation to teach others how to test their Joomla Extensions.

After com_localise our efforts will be moved to com_weblinks

Create a infrastructure for fast testing the CMS

We plan to run create a battery of webservers able to run several instances of the system tests with different configuration: browser, screen size, testing area...

The idea is to create a server infraestructure capable to create a set of virtual machines and run individually part of the system testing suite on each of them. Then send a signal back to to change the status of a pull request to OK or KO depending on the result of running the tests.