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The Banners table contains banner advertisement content for the mod_banners module.

Banners Table (#__banners)
Field Type Nullable Key Default Extra Comments
id INTEGER Not Null PK auto_increment Identifier for the Banner entry
cid INTEGER Not Null 0 Banner Client ID (FK) references __banner_clients
type INTEGER Not Null 0 Banner type identifier (FK)
name VARCHAR(255) Not Null Name for the banner advertisement
alias VARCHAR(255) Not Null Alias for the banner advertisement
imptotal INTEGER Not Null 0 Total impressions for the banner advertisement
impmade INTEGER Not Null 0 Impression made for the banner advertisement
clicks INTEGER Not Null 0 Number of clicks recorded for the banner advertisement
clickurl VARCHAR(200) Not Null URL to visit when the banner advertisement is clicked
state TINYINT(3) Not Null 0 State
catid UNSIGNED INTEGER Not Null 0 Category ID (FK) references
description TEXT Not Null Brief description of the banner advertisement
custombannercode VARCHAR(2048) Not Null Code that represents the content for the banner advertisement
sticky TINYINT(1) UNSIGNED Not Null 0 Flag indicating the banner ad is ???
ordering INTEGER Not Null 0 The relative ordering of the banner ad
metakey TEXT Not Null The meta keywords for the item
params TEXT Not Null Parameters
own_prefix TINYINT(1) Not Null 0 Flag indicating ???
metakey_prefix VARCHAR(255) Not Null When matching metakey keywords, search only for this prefix
purchase_type TINYINT Not Null -1 Flag indicating if the target URL is a purchase
track_clicks TINYINT Not Null -1 Flag indicating if clicks are tracked for the banner ad
track_impressions TINYINT Not Null -1 Flag indicating if impressions are track for the banner ad
checked_out INTEGER UNSIGNED Not Null 0 (FK) references
checked_out_time DATETIME Not Null '0000-00-00 00:00:00' The time the item was checked out
publish_up DATETIME Not Null '0000-00-00 00:00:00' Date/time the banner ad is published
publish_down DATETIME Not Null '0000-00-00 00:00:00' Date/time the banner ad is unpublished
reset DATETIME Not Null '0000-00-00 00:00:00' Date/time the impressions and clicks were reset
created DATETIME Not Null '0000-00-00 00:00:00' Date/time the banner ad was created
language char(7) Not Null Language identifier (like 'en-GB')


The following indexes are defined for use as alternate keys:

Indexes (#__banners)
Index Name Column(s)
idx_state state
idx_own_prefix own_prefix
idx_metakey_prefix metakey_prefix
idx_banner_catid catid
idx_language language

Default character set: utf8.