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The banner_clients table contains information that identifies clients for banner advertisements used in the mod_banners module.

banner_clients Table (#__banner_clients)
Field Type Nullable Default Key Extra Comments
id INTEGER NOT NULL PK auto_increment Banner Client ID.
name VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL Client name.
contact VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL Contact name.
email VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL Contact email address.
extrainfo TEXT NOT NULL Free-form text to describe the banner client.
state TINYINT(3) NOT NULL 0 State for the banner client.
checked_out INTEGER UNSIGNED NOT NULL 0 User ID that has the banner client entry checked out. FK references
checked_out_time DATETIME NOT NULL '0000-00-00 00:00:00' Date/time that the banner client entry was checked out by the specified user ID.
metakey TEXT NOT NULL Metadata keywords for the banner client.
own_prefix TINYINT NOT NULL 0
metakey_prefix VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL
purchase_type TINYINT NOT NULL -1
track_clicks TINYINT NOT NULL -1 Indicates if the number of clicks are tracked for a banner client.
track_impressions TINYINT NOT NULL -1 Indicates if the number of impressions are tracked for a banner client.


Index Name Column(s) Unique?
idx_own_prefix own_prefix No
idx_metakey_prefix metakey_prefix No
  • Default character set: utf8