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categories Table (#__categories)
Field Type Nullable Default Key Extra Comments
id int (11) NOT NULL PK auto_increment Category identifier.
asset_id INTEGER UNSIGNED NOT NULL 0 FK to the #__assets table
parent_id int(10) unsigned NOT NULL 0
lft int(11) NOT NULL 0
rgt int(11) NOT NULL 0
level int(10) unsigned NOT NULL 0
path varchar(255) NOT NULL
extension varchar(50) NOT NULL
title varchar(255) NOT NULL
alias varchar(255) NOT NULL
note varchar(255) NOT NULL
description varchar(5120) NOT NULL
published tinyint(1) NOT NULL 0
checked_out int(11) unsigned NOT NULL 0
checked_out_time datetime NOT NULL '0000-00-00 00:00:00'
access tinyint(3) unsigned NOT NULL 0
params varchar(2048) NOT NULL
metadesc varchar(1024) NOT NULL The meta description for the page.
metakey varchar(1024) NOT NULL The meta keywords for the page.
metadata varchar(2048) NOT NULL JSON-encoded metadata properties.
created_user_id int(10) unsigned NOT NULL 0
created_time datetime NOT NULL '0000-00-00 00:00:00'
modified_user_id int(10) unsigned NOT NULL 0
modified_time datetime NOT NULL '0000-00-00 00:00:00'
hits int(10) unsigned NOT NULL 0
language char(7) NOT NULL


The default Joomla! installation includes a category with the value "uncategorised" for the following extensions:

  • com_content
  • com_banners
  • com_contact
  • com_newsfeeds
  • com_weblinks
Index Name Column(s) Unique?
cat_idx extension,published,access No
idx_access access No
idx_checkout checked_out No
idx_path path No
idx_left_right lft, rgt No
idx_alias alias No
idx_language language No
  • Default character set: utf8