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Under 'Functions and Methods', is the "protected function _sort()" an error (i.e., can protected methods begin with an underscore or is this meant to be "private function_sort()")?

Shouldn't the JText not have spaces?

Studly caps exception?

jImport() is given as an example. But the entire codebase is littered with jimport(), as well as lots of 3PD extensions. Do you mean to designate jImport() as the new canonical name for this method, or should we carry this as an exception?

Database query string formatting?

In the example provided on the page in the section 'SQL Queries' there is a multi-line query, which contains string literals and variables. It seems that the query string is broken after the line ending with .(int) $state

Shouldn't there be a period (.) at the end to lock in with the remaining part of the query string??