Enabling user's registration approval by admins

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I am trying to understand this feature but haven't been able and I haven't found any forum post that talks about it.

This is what i see:

  • "Admin - It is necessary that an administrator approves the account. Here is how the process goes:

After registering the new user receives an e-mail message containing a link with a token to verify their e-mail address;"

  • The user doesn't get an email containing a link to activate his email, gets this:

Hello testuser5, Thank you for registering at XXXXX. Your account detail is as follow: Username: testuser5 Password: xxxxx Once you have completed the rest of registration process, you will receive another email with activation link. and then, a message like this: Hello testuser5, Thank you for registering at xxxx. Your account is created and it is still pending moderation from the site. Until the site moderators approves your account, you will not be able to login. Once your account is approved, you will receive another notification email from us.

  • "After the user's e-mail address has been verified, all users with the Receive System Messages option enabled will receive an e-mail message notifying them that a user has verified their e-mail address and requests that their account be activated. That email message will contain a link with a token to activate the account;"
  • The admin doesn't get a link on the email message, this is what it gets:

Hello Admin, A new user has registered at XXXX. The user account is pending approval. You will need to approve the user first before they will be able login. This e-mail contains the details: Name: testuser4 E-mail: Username: testuser4 Please do not respond to this message. This message is automatically generated and is sent for your information only."

  • "Once an administrator has activated the account, the user will receive an e-mail message notifying them that they may now login."
  • since admin is not getting an email with activation link, I have to go to users and activate the new account but then, the new user doesn't get any email confirming the activation.
    • Am I doing something wrong and not seeing it?

Tiaguis 20:37, 24 October 2011 (CDT)