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Migrator link is broken the new one is http://joomlacode.org/gf/download/frsrelease/7279/24909/migrator.zip


Step One: A newer version of migrator available. Article says RC6, but 1.0 Stable available http://joomlacode.org/gf/download/frsrelease/7279/24909/migrator.zip


Suggest an addition to the documentation that if a third party plugin does not show up in the list after uploading, check the permissions on /administrator/components/com_migrator/plugins/ (should be 777) at the same time, check the dumps directory for the same permissions.

john abbott

Looking into the code of a migrator plugin - especially the basic ones (this is the kind 99% of the novice users would need) - it appears this is very simple to code. I would like to add a little article on how to create a basic migrator plugin.

For this, I'd start from 2 addons used in the component already (for core tables): the poll_data plugin (no transformation of the data - just adaption to the UTF) and the content plugin (the most complicated one in the core set).

A walk-through of these two plug-ins would help a lot of people to create their own plugins...

Here's what I've got already:

Third-party add-ons for the migrator component


If you got to this page, I'll be assuming a few things: for starters you're familiar with the great Migrator component. You'll find more about this component on Pasamio Project's FRS site. You've probably been using it to migrate a site to Joomla 1.5.x … and I might assume that you bumped into some tables that weren't migrated because the add-on was missing... Furthermore, I'll be assuming that you know some elementary PHP, SQL and the basics of the Joomla framework (mostly Joomla 1.0). This hand-out is meant for all of us (I'm inclusing myself in here) who wrote some tiny little component in Joomla 1.0, and now want to make the leap to 1.5 – but already have a load of SQL data they don't want to manually input again (possibly on half a dozen sites). My last assumption is that you're too lazy too do all the manual work... and you'd prefer some simple script doing it for you. In the examples, we'll be assuming default settings too... if you've changed them, you'll know.

Why not?

On almost every forum out there tackling Joomla, you'll find one or another posting complaining about the lack of a migrator add-on for this or another component out there. Probably the most important reason for those add-ons not being there, is because there's no simple step-by-step tutorial out here (on the web). There are a few (more technical) explanations out there, that go into the deeps of the mechanics of the migrator component... but for me they rather scared me away than encourage me to look into it. But that was until today: today I actually opened the code... and looked into the “plugins” folder of the component. Then I ordered them according to file size, and opened the tinyest one of them: Wow man! This is really easy!! The easy approach: it's a “black box” So what this component actually does in all its nitty gritty details? I don't have to know that. All I need to know is: what should I feed it, so it burps out a nice great Joomla 1.5 compatible SQL result?

First example: nothing changes...

I guess for over 99% of the components out there, the SQL tables won't need to change if you migrate the component (not talking about the code here... just the content) I don't think this can get much easier... except maybe if the component itself would automatically migrate all tables without plugin in this manner... We'll have a look at “poll_data.php” – the plugin that migrates the data for the polls. This data can be found in the table jos_poll_data. The code actually starts at line 20 with the definition of a class. Next we're defining some key variables.


Second example: big changes are needed...

Maybe this part would even be out of my league... but once it's in place, I'm sure others will append to it.

--Jurgen. 21:51, 2 January 2009 (UTC)

New link for "Further information" section

Suggest adding this link Guide for migrating to Joomla 1.5 with Agora Forum