PDF Display Fix in IE7

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This worked well for me and it solved the pdf function in IE8. The next issue that was created was two windows opening in Mozilla Firefox. I'm not much of a coder but this was my fix and it seemed to work...

After updating as per the "PDF Display Fix in IE7" by:

Script Name: Simple 'if' PHP Browser detection Author: Harald Hope, Website: Script Source URI: Version 2.0.2 Copyright (C) 29 June 2007

Modified 22 April 2008 by Jon Czerwinski Added IE 7 version detection

I then made this modification to step 2 only:


Everything is the same except the following code:

   $user_browser = browser_detection('browser');
   if ($user_browser == 'msie7') {
   $attribs['onclick'] =
   ",'win2','".$status."'); return

I removed this code:

   $attribs['target'] = '_blank';
   } else {

It all seems to be working nicely.

I'm now working on adding headers and footers to link back to my site (pdf and print)

Regards Mick Holton

Changes for PDF Display FIX in IE8

Although the fix for IE8 as described by Mick Holton does solve the extra blank pop-up window, it doesn't really fix the problem 100%.

In my browsing for a fix I came across a fix that works perfectly for IE8 that only requires you adding a couple more lines of code. This fix was posted by Amherst Web Design.

All that is needed is to add the following code above the detection for IE7 in php_browser_detection.php (this will detect IE8):

  elseif (stristr($navigator_user_agent, "msie 8"))
               $browser = 'msie8';
               $dom_browser = false;

and then modifying the following line in icon.php

  if ($user_browser == 'msie7'){

to read

  if (($user_browser == 'msie7')||($user_browser == 'msie8')) {

Save your changes and upload the files. You might have to clear your cache, but simply refreshing worked for me.