Retrieving request data using JInput

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Why not just call this page "JInput"?

Because it will get overwritten the next time I run the Doxygen importer. See, for example, JRequest. Chris Davenport 04:04, 11 October 2011 (CDT)

Needs clarification for normal users

Having just wasted 90 or so minutes trying to work out the equivalent of "Jrequest::getVar" I propose renaming the block curently called "Getting Values from a Specific Super Global" to something like "Getting request values", rewording it slightly, and moving it nearer to the head of the page.

Why? Because currently it seems like an afterthought and is easy to miss, but at a guess it's the reason that 95% of users will consult this page.

Explain about this other way to get values

We missed to explain also this other way to get the filtered values

So instead of this:

$this->input->get('id', 0, 'INT');

Do this:

$this->input->getInt('id', 0);