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Why should this one be deleted?? - Marieke 4/6/08

In the Menu Manager screen, there is already a description of how to copy a menu. In addition, if we include this, why shouldn't we include Menumanager new, menumanager delete, etc.? Max 4/6/08

Because if you click on 'delete' it's just deleted, you don't get another screen or something like that. However, this is the case with copying, editing or creating a menu. Menumanager New/edit already exist: If you're in the Menumanager copy screen, you can easily click on Help and find the correct helpscreen.- Marieke 4/6/08

If you hit delete, there is a confirmation screen with a help button on it. (Oops, didn't mean menumanager new!) Copy and Delete are such simple screens, they are explained enough in the Menumanager helpscreen. Can we have the copy and delete screens redirect to the menumanager screen? Max 4/6/08

Don't think so, because you can't set more than 1 keyreference per article I thought? I'll ask Chris about this - Marieke 4/6/08

Then we probably need to make a delete page, too. Right now, clicking help on that page returns an error. Max 4/8/08

Talked to Chris about it. It isn't possible to create more than one keyreference per page, but we can change the help buttons, for the Joomla! 1.5.3 version, at the copy/move page, and let them redirect to screen.menumanager.15 for example. I suggest deleting the following screens: screen.menumanager.copy.15, screen.menus.copy.15, screen.menus.move.15. Do you agree? - Marieke 4/15/08

Yes. I should probably make some changes in the screen.menumanager.15 though, to accommodate for it. -Max 4/16/08