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Does anyone think we should include descriptions of each menu type in this area?--Drmmr763 14:32, 5 April 2008 (EDT)


I think you could just describe each type of menu. Only the 'categories', like Articles, Contacts, News Feeds, etc. Please note that there's another screen, Screen.menus.edit.15, about the next screen (you will see it when clicking on a menu-item-type). So this screen should only be about the types you could choose, not about title, alias, parameters etc. -- Marieke 01:14, 6 April 2008 (GMT)

Hi. I've jumped in here and started adding more content to this section, including a number of screenshots. If anyone has feedback or comments, please let me know. I plan to finish the section over the weekend. -- Mark Dexter 18:49 (PDT) 18 April 2008

Hi again. I've got a draft of the top-level done. But it doesn't drill down into the Menu Item Details screen for each Menu Item Type. I think it makes more sense to include this documentation in the Add function and then just refer back to it in the Edit function (since the screens are identical). I'm not clear about the best way to do the Menu Item Details and the Parameters. Should I just include them under each Menu Item Type? Also, should I repeat the common items (Title, Alias) or just have a section for Common Items and then Unique? I'll do some more reading and research to see if I can find a model to follow. Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks. Mark Dexter 23:27 (PDT) 18 April 2008