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Inappropriate format for doc

Please loose the tabs. Don't think this format is appropriate for documentation. Documentation is for reading, provide an index for fast access to sections of information. The tabs hide the information and makes it difficult for people that are new to it. Also slows down experienced people making them click for each piece of information. Sovainfo (talk) 03:55, 22 September 2013 (CDT)

I completely disagree. The tabs make a otherwise long document much easier to read and provides even easier access to specific parts of the document than the Table of Contents! --Wilsonge (talk) 08:47, 22 September 2013 (CDT)
As long as the user doesn't have the option to set his own preference, they shouldn't be used for these pages. Neither should they be used for Help pages. When you want users to use the documentation you need to give them what they want. Agree with you that there are pages where using tabs are appropriate. For these pages they are not appropriate and people will not use them because it is to much effort to get to the information. Inappropriate use will have a negative effect on the total documentation. Sovainfo (talk) 04:03, 23 September 2013 (CDT)