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Using the core parameter types

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It seems to me that the first letter of type parameter should be lowercase: e.g. 'type="calendar"'

otherwise, it doesn't work (element not defined). Now, maybe this is for next version, I'm not sure, so i didn't edited myself !


I think one should elaborate a bit on the type the parameters have - e.g.,

  • how do I add something like ".jpg or .png" in a filter?
  • how do I indicate to stip out an " or an <, so that the XML is still valid?
  • what does the size parameter indicate, pixels or characters?
  • directory is relative to website root, and without / ?
  • stripext strips the filelist created, or the user input, or both?
  • do filelist, imagelist test on invalid characters (and things like '../..') from the user input?

Another thing that's irritating me is: the screenshots of filelist, imagelist and folderlist do not correspond to the directory mentioned in the example. --BenniP 03:32, 27 June 2008 (EDT)

The types MUST be lowercase if you have a case sensitive server since the type files are lowercase. On non-casesensitive servers (most likely like the original authors server) this article would apply. I will modify the article later if no one else does. Not enough time right now.