Version 1.6. Readme

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Sorry to not explain this earlier with a discussion:

This page was created for the proposal: Readme file -

The goal (besides eliminating some files) 1- People that unpack Joomla could see the readme.txt inside the pack (just the basics infos) 2- They see the link for some info they are interested (all going to docs, I hope!) 3- In each Docs page linked they find a short and easy to read page (not a manual so they don't panic on lot to know!) 4- If they want more infos they will find a "click here" => entering tutorials, manuals and so on!

Considered this, and to be able to include this file in the 1.6 beta, I had to create some pages to link to. Mostly are incomplete, copy past from similar contents from 1.5 version at docs or Site.

In the future some editing and merge could be necessary. If you want these linked pages could be marked as "baby steps" pages to Joomla webmasters so people understand they are not "Manual "pages and don't required to be too detailed.

So you can merge any pages that you feel necessary and edit the links on this readme file!

Special note: as the text will be copied directly to the readme.txt file .. links that start form this file should avoid special letters (in the title of the pages linked) so they could be clean links as people will have to copy/past them to a browser to see the URL. JED Editor and Joomla Transtation Team