Team membership

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The development work group aims at the development of a cutting edge, state of the art Web Content Management application framework. This workgroup is the driving force behind new versions, and building it. Along with the other working groups we try to realize this ambition.

We always seek for new talent. We are very sharp on who we want because the results of this workgroup determines what the quality of Joomla! is. Most of the times we get in touch with you when we see some interesting work around, but if you think you are the talent we seek you also can contact us. If you want to grab our attention, start [Sending in patches] so we actually can see what you do, and how you do. Before you do please bear the following in mind:

  1. You need to be available at least 8 hours per week.
  2. Education (or still being a student) in informatics with knowledge of modern development methods and techniques.
  3. (Outstanding) knowledge of programming techniques like patterns and object orientation.
  4. Experience with PHP, (My)SQL and webservices.
  5. Knowledge with the Joomla! application and CMS framework.