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General Information

This template makes use of the Arrays Extension. It must be installed for this template to work.

Ease for use of the bullet symbol (  ) call between an array of objects.


Will render a bullet,    or can be used to piece together menu instructions, Click here  Then here  Then Click this



Output is a one bullet:   

{{bullet|Item name,2nd Item,Next Item}}

Output is a complex string: Item name  2nd Item  Next Item

{{bullet|Item name,Item,Next Item|size=1}}

Output is a complex string with bullet size control in em: Item name  Item  Next Item


Parameter Parameter description req./opt.
{{{1}}} description of unnamed parameter 1, Array format separator "," optional
{{{size}}} Default: 1.4 which sets the font-size at 1.4em optional

Known Issues[edit]

None know, please post to the Talk page if one is found.

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