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This template is a categorisation workhorse. It adds a page to several categories at once and supports supplemental text to flag abandoned features that have been deprecated or removed from a specific version either if the Joomla! code base, the Joomla! Framework, or any of its Applications.

Although it's best applied to and designed for pages related to the Joomla! 1.5 Framework Reference it's also a valuable tool for other documents at this site.


For example in articles about a concept or feature as well as in a Tutorial|:


Framework or feature specific:

| since      = version
| package    = name
| class      = name
| deprecated = version
|   use      = pagename
| removed    = version
|   remark   = wiki text

All version numbers MUST use the major.minor.release numbering scheme, ie. 1.5.0, 1.0.12 etc.
Don't drop the .release number just because you don't know the exact version. You may look at Joomla!s CHANGELOG.php however. If you are unsure about the exact version number a feature was introduced please ommit the since parameter alltogether, and don't add the unnamed 1. parameter as shown in the general syntax. This will place the document in the "unknown version" category where someone who does know can find the entry and possibly fix it.

since (or {{{1}}})
Joomla! Version this feature was first introduced
Framework package name
Class name, can only be used if package name is given
Joomla! Version the feature was deprecated
if deprecated is set, the page name of the replacing (new, alternative) feature, if applicable. See remark parameter.
Joomla! Version the feature was removed (w/o adequated replacement)
Supplemental message, i.e. combined with removed. ;This parameter may contain wiki text.

You cay "misuse" the remark parameter to apply additional categories not covered in the default set.


Documentation in a deprecated feature:

| since      = 1.5.0
| package    = Whatever
| class      = JWhatever
| deprecated = 1.6.0
| use        = JAPI:Newpackage/JWhatelse

will assign the page to the following categories

Framework, Whatever, JWhatever, Joomla! 1.5.0, Joomla! 1.6.0

and generate this text:

Deprecated as of [[Framework:Joomla! 1.6.0]]. Please use [[JAPI:Newpackage/JWhatelse|]] instead.
| since   = 1.0.6
| removed = 1.6.0
| remark = No alternative at time of writing.


You can't use the literal pipe character in any parameter, i.e. to rename the link. A trailing | pipe is automatically added after the page name assigned to {{{use}}}. You may however try the {{!}} template instead.

If {{{use}}} is refering to a subpage via /Pagename/ (note the trailing /), the link caption might look wrong but the link itself should work (provided the target page exists). This is hopefully going to be fixed soon.

Using the [[Help:ParserFunctions|#titleparts:] parser function instead of, or in combination with, the named parameters, is should be easier to place a subpage such as "Package/Application/Classes/JApplication" into all appropriate categories with a suitable sortorder key.

See also:

  • {{future}} to "flag" a feature of a future, yet unreleased version of Joomla! ... if you dare ;)