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Displays up to 5 links to the standard Joomla! Glossary. If used on the Glossary page itself creates an anchored link to the respective section. Please refer to the glossary documentation about adding entries.


The templates takes care to encode the given string into valid HTML anchor target, ie. "Joomla!" becomes "Joomla.21". HTML hyperlinks may also point to the id of an HTML element on the target page and this feature is used on the glossary.


{{glosslink|Heading 1|Heading 2}}
{{glosslink|label=Related information:|Heading 2}}


All numbered parameters should or course point to existing and valid section names (~ headings) or element IDs on the Glossary page. In theory these are simple words such as ACL or Modules. If it contains any of | { [ ] } = use their numeric HTML entities instead.

an alternative label preceeding the links. Default is '''See also:'''. To ommit the label from display use
  • &#32; the HTML entity for the space character
  • &nbsp; he HTML entity for the non-breaking space character

Known Issues[edit]

none so far.