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The JVer template embeds a standard Joomla version icon into a page.


You can specify the version of Joomla and the tooltip text that the user will when they hover over the icon. You also have a choice of short or long versions of the icon.


  • For a regular icon with the default tooltip text use {{JVer|2.5}}: Joomla 2.5
  • Override the tooltip text by adding a second argument {{JVer|2.5|My tooltip}}: My tooltip
  • For a long icon, add the third argument {{JVer|2.5|This is a long icon|long}}: This is a long icon


Parameter Parameter description req./opt.
{{{1}}} Joomla version number. See below for the complete list of supported values. required
{{{2}}} Tooltip text. Default: "Joomla " followed by the version specified in {{{1}}} optional
{{{3}}} Icon style. The only value supported is "long". optional

Supported Joomla version numbers[edit]

Version Short icon Long icon
CMS 1.0 {{JVer|1.0}}: Joomla 1.0 {{JVer|1.0|Joomla 1.0|long}}: Joomla 1.0
CMS 1.5 {{JVer|1.5}}: Joomla 1.5 {{JVer|1.5|Joomla 1.5|long}}: Joomla 1.5
CMS 1.6 {{JVer|1.6}}: Joomla 1.6 {{JVer|1.6|Joomla 1.6|long}}: Joomla 1.6
CMS 1.7 {{JVer|1.7}}: Joomla 1.7 {{JVer|1.7|Joomla 1.7|long}}: Joomla 1.7
CMS 2.5 {{JVer|2.5}}: Joomla 2.5 {{JVer|2,5|Joomla 2.5|long}}: Joomla 2.5
CMS 3.x {{JVer|3.x}}: Joomla 3.x {{JVer|3.x|Joomla 3.x|long}}: Joomla 3.x
CMS 3.0 {{JVer|3.0}}: Joomla 3.0 {{JVer|3.0|Joomla 3.0|long}}: Joomla 3.0
CMS 3.1 {{JVer|3.1}}: Joomla 3.1 {{JVer|3.1|Joomla 3.1|long}}: Joomla 3.1
CMS 3.3 {{JVer|3.2}}: Joomla 3.2 {{JVer|3.2|Joomla 3.2|long}}: Joomla 3.2
CMS 3.3 {{JVer|3.3}}: Joomla 3.3 {{JVer|3.3|Joomla 3.3|long}}: Joomla 3.3
CMS 3.4 {{JVer|3.4}}: Joomla 3.4 {{JVer|3.4|Joomla 3.4|long}}: Joomla 3.4
CMS 3.5 {{JVer|3.5}}: Joomla 3.5 {{JVer|3.5|Joomla 3.5|long}}: Joomla 3.5
CMS 3.6 {{JVer|3.6}}: Joomla 3.6 {{JVer|3.6|Joomla 3.6|long}}: Joomla 3.6
CMS 3.7 {{JVer|3.7}}: Joomla 3.7 {{JVer|3.7|Joomla 3.7|long}}: Joomla 3.7
CMS 3.8 {{JVer|3.8}}: Joomla 3.8 {{JVer|3.8|Joomla 3.8|long}}: Joomla 3.8
CMS 3.9 {{JVer|3.9}}: Joomla 3.9 {{JVer|3.9|Joomla 3.9|long}}: Joomla 3.9
CMS 3.10 {{JVer|3.10}}: Joomla 3.10 {{JVer|3.10|Joomla 3.10|long}}: Joomla 3.10
CMS 4.x {{JVer|4.x}}: Joomla 4.x {{JVer|4.x|Joomla 4.x|long}}: Joomla 4.x
CMS 4.0 {{JVer|4.0}}: Joomla 4.0 {{JVer|4.0|Joomla 4.0|long}}: Joomla 4.0
CMS 4.1 {{JVer|4.1}}: Joomla 4.1 {{JVer|4.1|Joomla 4.1|long}}: Joomla 4.1
CMS 4.3 {{JVer|4.3}}: Joomla 4.3 {{JVer|4.3|Joomla 4.3|long}}: Joomla 4.3
CMS 4.4 {{JVer|4.4}}: Joomla 4.4 {{JVer|4.4|Joomla 4.4|long}}: Joomla 4.4
CMS 5.0 {{JVer|5.0}}: Joomla 5.0 {{JVer|5.0|Joomla 5.0|long}}: Joomla 5.0
Joomla! CMS {{JVer|multi}}: Joomla multi Not available
Platform {{JVer|Platform}}: Joomla Platform Not available
Platform 11.1 {{JVer|11.1}}: Joomla 11.1 Not available
Platform 11.2 {{JVer|11.2}}: Joomla 11.2 Not available
Platform 11.3 {{JVer|11.3}}: Joomla 11.3 Not available
Platform 12.1 {{JVer|12.1}}: Joomla 12.1 Not available
Platform 12.2 {{JVer|12.2}}: Joomla 12.2 Not available
Platform 12.3 {{JVer|12.3}}: Joomla 12.3 Not available
Platform 13.1 {{JVer|13.1}}: Joomla 13.1 Not available

Known Issues[edit]

  • In order to get a long icon you must specify the tooltip text.

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