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Displays the Joomla! version image known from extensions.joomla.org. The images are applied via CSS which can be customized here for all skins: MediaWiki:common.css


Simply out, any version that does not translate to a predefine CSS class will result in the "Joomla! ?.?" version badge.


Parameter Name Parameter Description req./opt.
{{{1}}} version number: major.minor or major.minor.revision Required.

Known Issues[edit]

MediaWiki:common.css needs to be updated with each new release of Joomla! to create the appropriate image. All images are local copies taken from extensions.joomla.org and should also be updated in case their design will change.

Image:compat_10.png Image:compat_15.png Image:compat_16.png Image:compat_xy.png

The same applies for the "unknown" version image


The version number is rendered in the HTML but moved from display using CSS. Textbrowers will display this version number. It is therefor recommended to use the version vector incl. a release number. The default value is "9.9" to prevent an error in the parser function and heavy #switch statements.

See also Category:Images copyright by OSM