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Template-info.pngTemplate documentation

As probably nobody knows all the many board numbers by heart, this template allows linking to several (preselected) Joomla! fora using a shortcut key instead of the number.

1 (name)
A short name for a forum. This list of supported names is intentionally kept short and limited to fora with a strong focus on the development and documentation at forum.joomla.org. A list of supported names is available below.
2 (label)
used to label the link. Recommended, but if ommitted the name from the table below is used.
t (topic)
this feature is not yet implemented -- a topic ID to link to and a proxy for the [[jtopic:]] interwiki
s (subforum)
this feature is not yet implemented -- a subforum-key, i.e. {{jforum|dev|s=j15}} would link to the Joomla! 1.5 Developer Forum; {{jforum|found|s=legal}} = Legals forum of the Foundation Working Group

Allowed names[edit]

To link to a forum not listed here, use it's forum-ID and the [[jforum:##]] interwiki. Tests and examples

  1. {{jforum}} gives forum.joomla.org
  2. {{jforum|foobar}} gives Developer forum -- unknown keyword (foobar) default
  3. {{jforum|dev}} gives Developer forum
  4. {{jforum|docs}} gives Documentation forum
  5. {{jforum|doc}} gives Documentation forum
  6. {{jforum|ddt}} gives DevDocs forum
  7. {{jforum|devdoc}} gives Developer Documentation forum
  8. {{jforum|api}} gives Developer Documentation forum
  9. {{jforum|help}} gives User help forum
  10. {{jforum|udt}} gives UserDocs forum
  11. {{jforum|userdoc}} gives User Documentation forum
  12. {{jforum|uSeRDoc}} gives User Documentation forum -- no spell-checker needed ;)
  13. {{jforum|extensions}} gives Extensions Directory forum
  14. {{jforum|jed}} gives JED forum
  15. {{jforum|si}} gives S+I forum
  16. {{jforum|infra}} gives Sites & Infrastructure forum
  17. {{jforum|secure}} gives Security Announcements forum
  18. {{jforum|security}} gives Security Announcements forum
  19. {{jforum|osm}} gives Foundation forum
  20. {{jforum|found}} gives Foundation forum
  21. {{jforum|trans}} gives Translations forum
  22. {{jforum|lang10}} gives Joomla! 1.0.x language forum
  23. {{jforum|lang15}} gives Joomla! 1.5.x language forum
  24. {{jforum|j101}} gives Joomla!101 forum
  25. {{jforum|n00b}} gives Joomla!101 forum
  26. {{jforum|ghop}} gives GHOP forum
  27. {{jforum|wp}} gives White Papers forum
  28. {{jforum|papers}} gives White Papers forum

Examples with labels:

  1. {{jforum|help|}} gives  forum
  2. {{jforum|help|writer's guilde}} gives writer's guilde forum
  3. {{jforum|help|writer's guilde|}} gives writer's guilde


Enhance with topic (t) and subforum (s) parameters using the interwikis [[jtopic:##]] and [[jpost:##]]