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This is a documentation subpage for Template:Jfr edit.
It contains usage information, categories and other content that is not part of the original template page.
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Adds an "edit" link to a Framework subpage that is part of a composite document like the Class or Package reference pages in the Framework namespace. For composite documents elsewhere, the link will direct to the subpage's talk page instead.


  • [PathFunctions] extension with $wgPathFunctionsUseNoPrefixHash = false;
  • Mediawiki:jfr_edit to create the caption. The default "grammar" of that phrase is $1 $3 $2 to allow simple l18n and (virtually) translates "Pagename/Subpagename" to "Subpagename of Pagename"


The numbered parameters are passed to Mediawiki:jfr_edit.

Parameter Name Parameter Description req./opt.
{{{1}}} Literal page name, ie. "JWhatever/Methods".
This will become the link target and is also used as $1 and $2 for the system message.
{{{2}}} Supplemental text for $3 of the system message (default is empty) Optional
{{{3}}} Supplemental text for $4 of the system message (default is "of") Optional

The link created belongs to a caption which belongs to a table placed on a page that is supposed to be transcluded in differently named pages in various namespaces. Although the template is typically used to "link back" to the very same page in which it's added, any pagename variable will result in a broken link during transclusion for the dynamic nature of such variables, read: don't use {{PAGENAME}}, {{FULLPAGENAME}} or similar as a value for parameter {{{1}}}.


Note: Because this documentation is not located in the Framework namespace, links will point to the talk page of our ficticious JWhatever class.

Known Issues[edit]

The template must only be used in the Framework namespace on class member subpages such as "/Methods" or "/Properties".

Supplemental templates[edit]