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Generates a local download link for an Extension used on this server and a link to its homepage at


  • {{mwxlink|filename}} with homepage link, label "Info"
  • {{mwxlink|filename|pagename}} using pagename as homepage link and label
  • {{mwxlink|filename|-}} no homepage link
Parameter Name Parameter Description req./opt.
{{{1}}} Extension name, also used for the .tgz archive Required.
{{{2|}}} Overrides the extension's pagename at which defaults to param #1, the extension name. A value of '-' prevents this behavior in case the extension has no such "official" homepage. Optional.
{{{3|}}} An alternate caption for the homepage link. If 2 is '-', adds a note Optional.


Extension name, archive and homepage are idential (typical case)

gives Cite.tar.gz   - Info

Extension has no homepage @ mediawiki. A notice is provided as param #3

{{mwxlink|Footnote|-|see Cite info}}
gives Footnote.tar.gz see Cite info

The name of the homepage differes from the extension name and its archive.

gives Interwiki.tar.gz   - Info