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The current {{RVer}} is: J3.10
  • Purpose is to automate linking of article namespaces and transclusion by a Recommended(The Primary) Version.
  • This will also aid in the archiving of namespaces and prepare for the period of time when there is no clear STS version, i.e. when 3.5 is released there will be a 6 month period of time when 2.5 is in security release and 3.5 will become the LTS version)
  • This will also allow the shift of a Recommended(Primary) Version. For example, 4.0 articles should not be linked to or transcluded until documentation has caught up and the release of 4.1 is past. At this point the RVer can be updated to 4.1 and the documentation can start to shift towards the 4.1 and later versions.


This template has no variables, and should be used as {{RVer}} only.

Typical usage:

[[{{RVer}}:Installing Joomla]]
[[{{RVer}}:Installing Joomla|Installing Joomla]]

Will create the link "J3.10:Installing Joomla" or "Installing Joomla!".

{{RVer}} may also be used in transclusion.

Which outputs this