Tips: Converting extensions to 1.6

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This page is intended as a collection of quick tips on API and general changes in 1.6. Please add any tips, and link to any further detailed information as its created.

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API Changes[edit]

  • $mainframe is no longer defined, you have to do $mainframe = JFactory::getApplication();
  • The user event 'onLoginUser' is now 'onUserLogin'

Application Changes[edit]

  • config.xml has different tags and supports multiple options pages.
  • The modules, components and plugins tables were consolidated in the #__extensions table.

Formatting Changes[edit]

  • Translations format has changed. Avoid double quotes or encode them as "_QQ_". Enclose all strings in double quotes.
  • Parameters internal representation has changed from INI to JSON. If you do custom parsing, you need to be aware.