Translation Tools Working Group

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The Translation Tools Working Group is starting point of a new working team that wants to give answer to a specific goal stablished by the Joomla Production Leadership Team in 2013 (see

Goal #5: Improve processes in Translating the Joomla Software and support the enhancement of the Joomla CMS multilingual system.

Specifically to one of its targets

5.2: Halve the dedicated time needed by a Translation Team member to provide a language package for Joomla. In agreement with the Translation Team, dedicate resources on improving processes and tools to automate the creation of translation packages and uploading them to the Joomla Languages Server.

Coordinators & PLT Contact


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External resources


Technical work produced by this group


Primary communications channel is the an internal Skype chat. If you are interested in helping, please contact the PLT coordinator.


The current plan is to focus on fixing outstanding issues for the 3.x series on com_localise. In parallel with that we should start to look at more extensive changes to the workflows of the Translation Teams incorporating Git (and removing JoomlaCode) and possibly other tools that makes translating easier.


  • 9 Apr 2014: meeting with Translation Teams Coordinator (Jean Marie) to request needs for com_localise