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Joomla API: Contacts profile

Semantic descriptor Type Definition Database column Notes
name string name Person full name
alias string alias Alternative name used in construction of SEF URLs
position string con_position
address string address
locality string suburb
region string state
country string country
postcode string postcode
telephone string telephone
fax string fax
description string misc Information about or by the contact
image string image
email string email_to
default boolean default_con True if contact is the default contact
published published published
ordering integer ordering Number indicating the default order in which articles should be displayed. Numbers need not be contiguous or unique.
mobile string mobile
webpage string webpage
sortname1 string sortname1
sortname2 string sortname2
sortname3 string sortname3
language langcode language The language code of the contact?
metakey string metakey Keywords associated with the contact, usually for search engines.
metadesc string metadesc Description of contact, usually for search engines.
metadata string metadata ??
featured boolean featured True if contact is a featured contact.
publish_up datetime publish_up Date and time at which contact becomes publicly visible.
publish_down datetime publish_down Date and time at which contact is removed from public visibility.
hits integer hits Read-only count of the number of times the contact details have been viewed on the website.