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  • Date for Ordering: Is "Unpublished" correct? It's only shown in menu item type 'Category Blog'.
  • Missing Help screen
    • Menus_Menu_Item_User_Logout
  • <noinclude>{{Help screen navbox|3.0|<translate>Components Help Screens</translate>}}</noinclude>

Help pages: Styleguide | Template:Relatedhelp {{relatedhelp|Menu_Item_User|not=/}} | {{relatedhelp|%Menu%Tag%|not=/}} | {{relatedhelp|Contacts|not=/}} | {{relatedhelp|Extensions Module Manager|not=admin}} | Local wiki templates

Links: Anchor, Tipp, Wikipedia

Images: Naming guidelines

Screenshot: 800px the overview at the top of the page, 600px larger sections (e.g. various tabs), 400px general subareas, 265px smaller subareas or details

Translate: Empfehlungen fürs Übersetzen | Tab, Drop-down-Menü, Button

Problem Solution
If 'Chunk30:colheader|Enter Title' is used, {{{1|item}}} don't work. Chunk30:Help_screen_column_header_Enter_Title