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Currently doing freelance PHP programming in the Mid Hudson Valley, NY. You can contact me via linked a[1]

More sites to follow.

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Notes for wiki editing[edit]

Normal. Bold. Italic.

Testing, testing.

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Test Joomla version icons[edit]

Version Short icon Long icon
CMS 1.0 {{JVer|1.0}}: Joomla 1.0 {{JVer|1.0|Joomla 1.0|long}}: Joomla 1.0
CMS 1.5 {{JVer|1.5}}: Joomla 1.5 {{JVer|1.5|Joomla 1.5|long}}: Joomla 1.5
CMS 1.6 {{JVer|1.6}}: Joomla 1.6 {{JVer|1.6|Joomla 1.6|long}}: Joomla 1.6
CMS 1.7 {{JVer|1.7}}: Joomla 1.7 {{JVer|1.7|Joomla 1.7|long}}: Joomla 1.7
CMS 2.5 {{JVer|2.5}}: Joomla 2.5 {{JVer|2,5|Joomla 2.5|long}}: Joomla 2.5
CMS 3.0 {{JVer|3.0}}: Joomla 3.0 {{JVer|3.0|Joomla 3.0|long}}: Joomla 3.0
Platform {{JVer|Platform}}: Joomla Platform Not available
Platform 11.1 {{JVer|11.1}}: Joomla 11.1 Not available
Platform 11.2 {{JVer|11.2}}: Joomla 11.2 Not available
Platform 11.3 {{JVer|11.3}}: Joomla 11.3 Not available
Platform 12.1 {{JVer|12.1}}: Joomla 12.1 Not available
Platform 12.2 {{JVer|12.2}}: Joomla 12.2 Not available
Platform 12.3 {{JVer|12.3}}: Joomla 12.3 Not available

Multiple versions:  Joomla 3.0 Joomla 12.2

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